Strategic Vision for our Future Forest Estate

Closes 5 Jul 2022

Opened 24 May 2022


The climate emergency is recognised as the greatest challenge we face as a society. There is an urgent need for Ireland to meet stretching climate action targets and the Irish forestry sector and Coillte have an important role to play in the achievement of these targets.

Our new and ambitious strategic vision for our forests aims to sustainably balance and deliver the multiple benefits of Ireland’s state forests across four strategic objectives:  climate, nature, wood, and people.

Our ambitions are to create new forests and manage our existing forests to enhance their ability to capture carbon, provide more habitats to enhance biodiversity, supply sustainable Irish wood products to support the creation of new homes, and create more incredible recreational spaces for the enjoyment of society and tourists.

Consultation is important to the development of our new strategy. As a result, we are now seeking feedback on our strategic vision to ensure it aligns with the needs of Irish society. This consultation process will inform the development of a strategic plan for the future forest estate which will be developed over the coming months.

Forestry and Coillte have never been more relevant in terms of the challenges of our time. We are focused on delivering the best possible balance across the multiple benefits of forestry and ensuring that, working together, we are delivering a greener future for all – one that we can all look forward to and one that we can all enjoy.

Our ambitions represent the starting point, and we would now like to hear your views to help shape this vision.

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